My name

Shridhar Maheshwari. By the way, my IDs would say ‘Shridhar Chandak’. Actually Chandak is my family name, Maheshwari is the community name. I prefer the latter. Well, that was a lot of detail about my name. Moving on.


M.A in Counselling Psychology. My formal designation is… ‘Psychologist’, but my core is philosophy. So, although I didn’t finish a degree in it, but I’m a philosopher as well. Also, in my view, Psychology can also be defined as ‘philosophy done through scientific methods’. Quite an overlap there. Just to make things look more attractive, I finished my degree top of my class, 9.17 CGPA. So, even though CGPA doesn’t count much in life, but it really does when you’re the one who scored well. But seriously, I loved studying psychology. So, working hard became easier.


I have been trying to understand life and human behavior (with above-average priority) since about 15 years of age. A lot of credit goes to my Dad for putting me on this path. He taught us a lot. Through his analysis of life, I got a very wise and seasoned picture of life and relationships at a very early age. How do I know it was wise? Because I was able to solve a lot my own personal problems with it. On top of what my dad taught me, I spent my own personal time and effort into it. I even believe that I have a good aptitude for this. People often call me absent-minded (rightly so) because I’m usually lost in my thoughts. I love thinking (part of the reason I don’t get bored easily). So, all of that combined, my understanding of human thoughts and behaviors grew rapidly. 

Then I studied Psychology, and learnt what’s been discovered and developed in the human history so far. Here, my own experience came in contact with world’s best practices and knowledge. In light of this new information, some of my ideas were rejected, some confirmed and the rest enhanced. Now I’m using those ideas to help people live better lives. And as I do that, my ideas keep getting better… making it kind of a ‘virtuous cycle’. So, on paper my experience of counselling is of about 3 to 4 years, but if you ask me, I’d say it’s at least 11 good years (as of 2019).


Oh! I have so many. Sometimes, I feel there is so much to do, I’m drowning in opportunities. If only I could clone myself repeatedly and carry out every idea my brain thinks of. Anyway, my long-arching goal is, making the best wisdom on earth accessible to every human, as fast as possible, and hopefully cheaper and cheaper with time. Wisdom needs to be taught to everyone, without exception. This is quite like education. The need will never end. Each human that is born, must learn some things to lead a good enough life. We have a decent structure for making people literate, but not one for making people wiser. I enjoy making systems and structures. So, my dream would be, “to create a society where wisdom can be transferred to each individual efficiently”. Everything that you see me do, is building up towards that, at least in my own mind.

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