Bhavya Arora

Counseling Psychologist

Since the time I can remember, I have had this immense determination to pursue a field that subsumes innumerable ways of supporting, empowering, and resurfacing authenticity among individuals who find themselves sometimes stuck in their respective paths of life.

Therapy is a process of learning, not just for you, but for me too. The courage you reflect by seeking help, and the willingness you show to bring about a change from within, pushes me further to do extra and not ordinary.

“it’s not one’s life that brings one perplexity, but rather one’s life situation – which can always be looked at from a different lens.

Here's what my clients had to say

"I totally loved it. I'm ready to face this week with even more confidence."
"it's been the best. I have seen quite a lot of improvement and clarity and a lot more free and willing to engage in things, thanks to Bhavya!!! She's the best omgg!!! I'm soooper grateful (sorry for the spelling mistakes lol). But seriously, i'm super thankful and I loved it."
"It was awesome. I actually feel I can implement the tasks that my psychologist gives me. I also feel relaxed and happy after each session."
"It was great. I felt so good talking to Bhavya. She understands my problem correctly and gives great solutions. I feel free and happier. I look forward to this session."