Parenting videos overview

Here I hope to categorize my parenting work in some big, easy to remember categories.


Over-parenting seems to be on the rise. Over-involvement seldom leads to any extraordinary outcomes in how the child turns out. Also, some issues are better dropped then pursued with force. To be relaxed, you’ll sure need to pick the battles. 

Videos include…

  1. Parenting 101 – Maintaining a nice environment when the child isn’t studying enough
  2. Parenting 107 – Detaching yourself from your child, a little. 
  3. Parenting 110 – When your child is disorganized and messy.
  4. Parenting 114 – When schools put pressure on your child


For many issues, parents need to play the role of an authority. They need to set down rules and regulations for the child’s own good. It’s not easy by any means, but necessary. 

Videos include…

  1. Parenting 102 – Managing your child’s screen time
  2. Parenting 103 – Don’t pamper your child too much
  3. Parenting 108 – Six steps to be a better boss to your child.


To be a happy and successful parent, you’ll need to be able to develop a deep bond with your child early on… a bond which can survive the inevitable turbulent times. This in itself is a fundamental task. This bond will depend on many things… of which, probably the most important is… ‘communication’. 

Being able to communicate well with the child is like the foundation of the relationship. It helps in building a bond, it helps in getting to know your child, it lets you guide your child, it lets you resolve conflicts and a lot more. But good communication is a complex skill and must be worked on continuously.

Videos include

  1.  Parenting 105 – Handling an angry child. The first step
  2. Parenting 106 – Four ways to build a better a better connection with your child.
  3.  Parenting 111 – Four ways to convey mistakes your child’s mistakes to them


Every parent wants to teach their child the best skills and values. They want to shape their child into their best possible versions. However, influencing behavior is one of the hardest things to do. This process can become very frustrating very soon. Parents need to understand the best practices. Parents also need to prioritize what to teach and what to let go. 

Videos include…

  1. Parenting 109 – Teach your child gratitude (thankfulness)
  2. Parenting 112 – How to make your child independent and responsible
  3. Parenting 113 – One great method to teach things to your child


During parenting you’ll face many external factors, which will affect you, your child and even your relationship with the child. You won’t have any direct control on these. These can sometimes help you… other times harm you. External factors can be very annoying because you feel out of control. To maintain your sanity, you must prepare to deal with them.

Videos include…

  1. Parenting 104 – When your partner’s parenting style creates a problem. 

These categories are not factor analysed. These are made in a broad fashion for me and for you to keep a track of the core areas of parenting that are being addressed. In future I hope to create an exhaustive list and provide data for the weight of each category towards the overall picture. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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