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– If the child is below 12, we work with the parents only. 

– If 18 and above we consult with the child (young adult) directly.  Parents involvement is still required. 

– If the child is between 12 and 18, first month is with parents, and we start working with the child in the second month. This is because to counsel the child effectively, we need to make sure that parents avoid their own basic mistakes and are in harmony with the counselling process. 

While introducing counselling to them, don’t make it sound like something is wrong with them. You can use words like career counselling, life coaching and some of the issues where you know the child would be eager to receive some help with (for example anxiety, depression, bullying, lack of friendships etc). You only need to say enough to make them agree to speak to the counselor once or visit the office. Rest will be taken care of by us. 

No. Fees for the month has to be paid in advance only.

Generally 2-3 months are needed to see some longer lasting changes. However it depends on the severity and number of problems. Also, the learning speed and determination of clients play a significant role.

Our counselling space is in Noida only. We don’t visit for face to face sessions. 

A common concern people have is that phone counseling might not be as effective as face-to-face counseling. This is not true. Let me assure you that phone counseling works equally well. We even send you audios of each session which will remain your permanent property. Around 80% of our counselling happens over the phone only. 

As of now, all our counselling happens only in Hindi and English. 

Depends on client availability and counselors’ schedule. It is mutually discussed between them. Tentative scheduling is done after 1st session mostly. It remains reasonably flexible.