Group Therapy

  • Group therapy is a pre-designed therapy program where you get therapy with a group of people who are dealing with similar problems as you.
  • The sessions are led by mental health professionals (psychologists) from our team, who are well-trained in the topic at hand.
  • Sessions are typically conducted on a weekly basis.

  • Each therapy group consists of a limited number of members, typically 8 to 15.

Our Group Therapy Programs

Parent Anger Management - Group Therapy

Managing children can become very difficult, if you can’t manage your emotions.

Benefits of Group Therapy

Shared Experiences

Every member in a group will be dealing with more or less similar problems which will result in aided support and relatability from one another.

Cost effective

Group therapy is always more cost effective than individual therapy which makes mental health more accessible to all.

Structured learning

Since sessions are pre-designed it helps in covering the whole topic step by step and in a structured manner. No key idea is missed. And sessions are structured in a manner that it leads to a good progression of learning new ideas and habits.

lifetime access to the sessions

We will share all the sessions with you in the audio format. You can listen to them whenever you want and refresh your learning. Your learnings stay with you forever.

learning and inspiration from others

Group therapy can push you to overcome your difficulties as looking at other people overcome their difficulties may encourage you to work on your issues as well. We learn a lot better when we see someone else doing it.

Belongingness and connections

Group therapy will give you a sense of belongingness as you will come across people who are dealing with similar problems. You will feel like an insider and will also get a sense that you’re not alone. You can also make new connections with people in the group which can last much longer than the therapy.

Our ethics

We abide by the following ethics in our therapy
  1. Confidentiality: Your identity and the content of all the sessions will forever remain confidential. All participants will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  2. Non-judgment: Whatever you share with us during these sessions, will never be judged negatively or looked down upon. We believe that each person has their own unique journey and our goal is to ‘understand’ it, to bring good changes, not judge it.
  3. Equality: We believe that the relationship between a counselor and a client is an equal one, not a hierarchical one. Counselor is not above the client. Counselor may have certain knowledge which could beneficial for the client but their status remains equal.
  4. Mutual respect: Counselors will ensure that a respectful environment is maintained among all the participants. There will be Zero tolerance for any form of misbehavior.
  5. Counselor suggestion and client decision-making: It is inevitable that the counselor will need to give suggestions and recommendations during therapy towards client’s well-being and goals. But the key point is that counselors must not give orders or final decisions. The counselor only talks about the reasons (pros and cons) behind a suggestion, and the final decisions are taken by the client. The client shall do things in life not because ‘the counselor says so’, but because it ultimately seems reasonable to the client.
  6. Individual responsibility: We believe in individual responsibility. This means that the client is ultimately responsible for his/her own life. The decisions they make during therapy can sometimes lead to undesirable experiences for them as well. There’s always some risk with trying something new and final responsibility of all the outcomes lies with the client. 

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