Himanshi Thadani

Counseling Psychologist

I think humans are one of the most interesting species. The little workings of the human mind pose a riddle with no definite solution. Hence, my area of interest has expanded to taking in the new experiences, continuously learning and  sharing all I can to lend support and assistance to anyone who may stand to  benefit from my knowledge.

My little tip is that therapy takes work. But it’s a safe space to explore the self, the other and the connection thereof. My resolve is the provision of that safe space irrespective of the circumstances through a combination of empathetic listening and practical learning.

Here's what my clients had to say

"Himanshi is a wonderful and excellent counsellor ."
"I am able to face my demons and work on it ...slowly but it is working..thank you."
"Himanshi is a v.sensible person who analyse root cause of the problem and explain it well. Her logic makes sense to me. Thank you."
"Himanshi is wise and kind. I think her support will help me overcome my negative tendencies. I am going on a "vacation"(to the Himalayas:)) for the next one week and report back my experience next week."
" I always feel better after talking to Himanshi. Thanks for listening to me calmly and solving my worries."
"I am just done with 2 sessions but She is a patient listener and i i got good suggestions from her."
"I was able to share everything without any hesitation and Himanshi gave me the comfort i wanted."
"It was good. Himanshi helped me thoroughly through the journey."