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Counselling features

Parenting problems we solve

  • 01

    Parent anger management.

  • 02

    Dealing with child’s anger and other difficult emotions

  • 03

    Maintaining a balanced lifestyle

  • 04

    Getting them to follow instructions and respect boundaries.

  • 05

    Open Communication with your child for both casual and serious things.

  • 06

    Developing a deeper bond and friendship with the child.

  • 07

    Giving them right values and ethics.

  • 08

    Making them more self-sufficient

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Yes. Currently all of our sessions are happening on phone/video calls.

Generally 2-3 months are needed to see some longer lasting changes. However it mainly depends on the severity and number of problems. Also, the learning speed and determination of clients play a significant role.

As of now, all our counselling happens in Hindi and/or English.

Our working hours are: 11 AM to 8 PM, IST (Indian Standard Time), for holding counseling sessions.

  • Counseling is a profession, where no one can guarantee you 100% that they will necessarily solve all your problems or help you to your best expectations. No counselor is perfect, just like no client’s learning is perfect. You can trust us because we do the following things to make sure that our counselors are among the best in the field.

    1. We make sure that everyone who joins our team has a bare minimum level of qualification i.e. Master’s in psychology.
    2. We train them extensively under experienced counselors.
    3. We all work in a close-knit team. Our counselors don’t work alone. They get constant help from other counselors.
    4. Overall performance of each counselor is constantly supervised by the head counselors.
    5. Finally, we keep a very close eye on client’s experiences. In case you are dissatisfied by a session or counselor, we work on it immediately to resolve the issue.