Rishabh Chandak

Counseling Psychologist. Co-Founder, Shridhar Lifeschool.

I have over 300 hours+ of counselling experience direct and in assistance. My core areas have been Parent-child counselling, relationship counselling, and marriage/relationship related counselling. 

I decided to follow my passion for understanding the human mind and made a mid-career change after several years of working in the FMCG industry and Ed-Tech. I could maintain work-life balance and thought of teaching others, as everyday life happiness in life, accounts to be much more than salaries and increments. Specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), he uses an integrative approach. 

I believe that one should evolve, adapt, experiment, and assess, to the ever-changing needs in a parent-child relationship.

Use a non-judgmental and empathetic approach, clients can increase their self-awareness and inner resourcefulness that translate into healing, growth and change.

Here's what my clients had to say

"Rishabh is great . He is observant , good at explaining things , real life examples and a good soul to connect with."
"I liked the thought process and the examples you say while explaining a situation . Good observation on my problems and mindset."
"Rishabh is an excellent listener and was able to help us sort through our thoughts in a first meeting."
"The counsellor Rishabh is very good with explaining things with example . He gives me homework or tasks that literally helps me understand my problems . I am feeling relaxed after sharing things and getting a feedback on my understanding ."
"I had a great session with Rishabh . He actually picked up my trigger points of problems . I feel I can heal myself with counselling session."
"I feel secure talking to the counsellor about my deep rooted issues that he would be understanding and correcting my approach in the best manner possible."
"Blissful. A proper supervision from counsellor, good perceptive, patience towards dealing my things Best thing was giving much importance to my each and every problem every sentence whatever I said to me (correction of single word if it's not right)."
"Rishab seems to have clear understanding of things, he was prompt in relating and give solutions on spot. it was quiet beneficial so far, i think with on going counselling from him, I would be able to have closure or better understanding on some of my past happenings which gives me discomfort time to time."