Shridhar Maheshwari

Counseling Psychologist. Founder, Shridhar Lifeschool.

I have been trying to understand life and human behavior (with above-average priority) since about 15 years of age. A lot of credit goes to my Dad for putting me on this path. 

I got a very wise and seasoned picture of life and relationships at a very early age. How do I know it was wise? Because I was able to solve a lot my own personal problems with it. I spent my own personal time and effort into it. I even believe that I have a good aptitude for this. 

I studied Psychology, and learnt what’s been discovered and developed in the human history so far. Here, my own experience came in contact with world’s best practices and knowledge. In light of this new information, some of my ideas were rejected, some confirmed and the rest enhanced. 

I finished my degree top of my class, 9.17 CGPA, with a Gold Medal. So, even though CGPA doesn’t count much in life, but it really does when you’re the one who scored well. But seriously, I loved studying psychology. So, working hard became easier.

Now I’m using those ideas to help people live better lives. And as I do that, my ideas keep getting better… making it kind of a ‘virtuous cycle’. So, on paper my experience of counselling is of about 3 to 4 years, but if you ask me, I’d say it’s at least 12 good years (as of 2020) and so on. I now have over 700 hours of counselling experience.

Here's what my clients had to say

"Very informative sessions. Shridhar puts lights on incidents and things differently and makes you realize and think about the situation in different manner. I’m very satisfied with my progress. The process of the session is super impressive: sending the recording after the session is very helpful. Also, many a times Shridhar checks in to see if i am doing okay. Which is nice :)"
"I found Shridhar is very professional, polite and friendly. Very safe environment to talk about everything. These sessions are very helpful to me to make sense of the problems and give a fresh perspective to see them in new light.Thank you."
"Extremely happy with all the suggestions given in the session. I can see my life getting better :)"
"This was one of THE most helpful sessions that I've ever had... Really grateful n indebted to you for making me understand how baseless my thoughts were. Thank you so much!"
"I had major anger issues before the session. I already feel better now, after the session, and I will work on resolving my anger internally, by applying the techniques suggested by Shridhar."
"Very nice session providing a good way to think in a new light.. slowly shifting thought process towards progress. thank you for addressing my specific concern :)"
"The journey from session 1 to session 4 has changed my thought process completely. I became positively powerful after talking to Shreedhar. The councelling was so relaxing and helping that I can actually see my problem decreasing with each session."
"For now, my single session of counselling has been pretty helpful. I felt comfortable to talk about my issues with sir. Sir’s been really calm and insightful while solving my problems. The entire program design is really systemic and clear. I would like to continue my counselling session in near future. I really like your content on YouTube, it’s fresh and clear of explicit understanding."
"Really good. It's like an eye-opening session once every week which leaves you feeling happy and inspired. There have been positive changes in my life because of it. Thankyou :)"