We offer refunds under following terms:

    100% Refund (Before therapy starts, till 14th day of purchase)
    If your counseling hasn’t started, then you are eligible for 100% refund till 14th day from the date of purchase. We will also give you a 100% refund in case we are not able to serve you for some reason.
    50% Refund (Before validity date, for unused sessions)
    50% refund is only available within the validity* period of your sessions under the following terms. Once therapy has begun or if 14 days have passed from the date of purchase, then you are eligible for a 50% refund for the ‘unused’ sessions (within the validity period*). So, if you have for e.g. bought 8 sessions, and you have used 3, then you are eligible for a 50% refund on 5 sessions. Rate per session will be calculated at your purchase prices.
    No Refund (After validity date or if sessions finished)
    No refunds will be given after the sessions have finished or validity of sessions has expired. The validity* date of your sessions will be calculated on the basis of the date of purchase and will be informed to you before the start of sessions.

*Validity Date For Sessions: For each session, you get 3 weeks of validity. So, the validity date of your sessions is calculated as: Date of purchase + (No. of sessions bought x 3 weeks)