Gazal Banga


Gazal, Counseling Psychologist

Finished Gottman Therapy Level 1.

What Clients Said About Gazal

We are extremely comfortable expressing what we are going through to Gazal, and I believe much of it is because of the environment that she creates where she is not judging anyone and instead only here to listen and understand. Her suggestions are very apt and to the point.

Gazal has been my 'go to' since a year now. Words are and will never be enough to describe my admiration , appreciation and gratitude for all that Gazal represents and offers. She is a blessing and what i consider an earth Angel in our lives. We wish Gazal all the success and good health and that all the joy she spreads , may boomerang back to her. God bless you Gazal

About Me

With a Bachelor’s in Psychology (Hons.) from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, DU and Master’s in Mental Health from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), I have had a rewarding experience over 6 years in mental health counselling. I have been associated with senior psychiatrists in Delhi NCR as a consultant psychologist for clients with Anxiety & related conditions like OCD; Depression & Mood Dysfunctions; social adjustment issues and a range of emotional difficulties.

Additionally, I have worked as a counselling psychologist across schools in Delhi NCR and Ahmedabad for children of all age groups wherein I was engaged in providing effective intervention plans for children with ADHD, learning difficulties, emotional and behavior issues.

I strongly believe that mental health does not exist in a vacuum and thus practice a holistic approach to counselling. Since every individual is unique, I aim for an eclectic mix of therapeutic intervention comprising techniques of CBT, Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness & Visualization, Positive Psychology– individually tailored to suit the unique needs of the client.

I am driven by the passion to facilitate my clients in becoming more self-aware; build a deeper understanding of their thinking patterns, emotions and behavior and strengthen their self-care abilities. I am a positive thinker and believe that every individual has their own unique strengths and the capacity to work on self. I deeply value empathy, confidentiality, and unconditional support in my profession and I am committed to instill a sense of hope in my clients.