Ashna Bakshi


Ashna, Counseling Psychologist

Finished Gottman Therapy Level 1.

What Clients Said About Ashna

The session helped me relax and I felt heard and after speaking with my therapist I had the smile in my face which appeared easily. I had to force smile as a cope up mechanism. This itself is a great thing emotionally. The session was informative and insightful. I got some inputs in getting recovery from the body pains and lack of energy so that I can be normal without pressure. I am grateful for my therapist's time and help.

While i am working hard on my healing journey and trying to be a skillfull sailor, Ashna is helping me both like an anchor and a lighthouse. She's been mindful of adjusting her engagement as per my need - not overcorrecting but also nudging to make sure that I do not wander too far and I find my way back to where I am headed. Thank you so much for your support!

About Me

“I meet people where they are and walk alongside where they want to be.”

Hello! I'm Ashna (She/Her), a trauma informed Psychotherapist with a Bachelor's & Master's in Applied Psychology. Over the years, I have worked with a wide variety of populations of different age groups, including adolescents, young adults, middle-aged adults, and older adults.

As an introvert, I have always been naturally drawn to observe, listen to and be curious about the experiences of others. Being confronted with my share of emotional hardships, studying Psychology has helped me process, explore and accept (being the hardest to achieve) my personal experiences and find ways to tune into my own being. As a result, I became passionate about self-reflection, regulation and healing.

I hope to support you in exploring and embracing the goodness within (and in each other), building a safe community and guiding you back to your own self — by advocating a more accepting, nurturing and informed relationship with all parts of you.