Your relationship Talks end up in fights?

You need PeaceKeeping sessions to keep things calm and safe, while you have deeper and difficult conversations.


A PeaceKeeping session is a 50-minute online meeting, where both partners talk to each other in the presence of a coach.

Here are the key goals and benefits of PeaceKeeping sessions.

  • In PeaceKeeping sessions the main goal is to help the couple have smooth communication, with both partners following key guidelines for being a good speaker and a good listener.
  • To be a good speaker, both partners need to express themselves in depth without criticizing the other person. So that the listener doesn’t feel attacked.
  • To be a good listener, both partners need to listen without interrupting and have to summarize the speaker properly. So, the speaker feels heard and the communication stays productive.
  • We also make sure that the conversation only happens if both partners are emotionally and physically calm. If things get heated up, we take a short break before resuming the talk.
  • Presence of a third person (the coach) also helps both partners behave more appropriately towards each other.
  • Sometimes when your partner is verbally abusive, you may need to draw boundaries to protect yourself. In such cases you can lay down the rule, “I’ll only talk in front of a PeaceKeeper to make sure I have some external support in case you start saying mean or abusive things again”.


Here are 4 key differences.

  1. NO ADVICE: During therapy, we do help you with some insights on your problems. We help you with finding solutions. But in PeaceKeeping, the coaches will not give you any advice. They will just make sure that both partners communicate calmly and safely. The coach may share with you resources later, but they will not give you any solutions in sessions.
  2. COUPLE ONLY: You can start therapy with or without your partner. But for peacekeeping sessions, both partners need to be present. It cannot be conducted for a single individual.
  3. LOWER COST: Session price is overall lower for the peacekeeping sessions.
  4. COACH VS THERAPIST: Final difference is that our PeaceKeeping coaches may or may not be from formal Psychology education background. Any individual with the right skills and passion for helping others can get specialized training from us and become a coach. That’s why, for clarity, we don’t call them therapists, we call them coaches.


  1. FOR COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS: It’s the most suitable for couples whose main problems are related to communication. Either they aren’t talking in a deeper manner, or when they talk, they end up in fights.
  2. FOR MAINTENANCE: These PeaceKeeping sessions are good for couples have gone through therapy to handle with their urgent/difficult problems and now need some help in maintaining peace and the progress they have made during therapy.
  3. DON’T NEED ADVICE: This is good for couples who feel confident in solving their own problems and don’t need any advice. They just need the right environment to talk and regularity of communication with some accountability.
  4. NEED LOWER COST: Because PeaceKeeping sessions are of a lower cost, these are also suitable for people who have difficulty affording therapy. This gives them access to some professional help without feeling too much financial stress.
  5. HAVE LESSER INTENSITY ISSUES: As a general rule, if you’re going through some serious issues, you should go for proper therapy. But if your problems are of lower intensity and you would prefer to take a long-term communication-based approach of solving them, you can go for PeaceKeeping sessions.

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